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About Our Founder

Mike Farragher | Chief Storytelling Officer

Mike Farragher has held senior commercial leadership positions within Fortune 100 companies in the healthcare and scientific marketplaces. In those roles, he was directly responsible for evaluating and attracting top talent.


Simultaneously, he has always pursued his writing passion.  He has authored 6 books, produced 2 Off-Broadway plays, and has optioned one novel for a comedy pilot episode concept.  


When you combine the know-how of what hiring managers are seeking when attracting top talent with this love of words, Mike offers a unique perspective to the professional branding of people from all walks of life.

In this marketplace, it is no longer enough to have a well-written resume. Keyword and search optimization is equally important. We effectively leverage the power of keywords to get you noticed by AI and "robot eyes" that are tasked with scouting career profiles and resumes. 

We can also help with corporate profiles, website and advertising copywriting, and personal branding. Let's get to work today! 


Mike also offers coaching in leadership and effectiveness. Contact him below to learn more.

We lift people and organizations with words.

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